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On the right sidebar of the website, you will see the word ‘SUBSCRIPTION’. This is called an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) button, which allows you to read all of the updates on our blog without having to visit our website to access every post.


How Do You Do That?


If you are familiar with RSS Feeds, then simply add our blog to your list of blogs that you wish to read.

If you are not familiar with RSS Feeds, enter your email address in the BOX  and click ‘Subscribe’.

In a nutshell RSS makes it possible to read all the updates on a blog (web log, like an online diary) or website without having to visit each individually.

You do this using a feed reader (there are lots of different kinds) – the updates from a blog or website using RSS are called a ‘feed’, think of it like it is feeding you information, or content.

I use Google Reader to read my feed. If you want to set up an account just search in google and sign up for an account, it’s free.

Once you have your account you need to add sites. If you find a site you like (ie ) you can add the feed by clicking the orange button  or a button that corresponds to your particular feed reader.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to receive our updates via email, complete the small RSS Form above.

This means that every time new information appears on the blog or website you will receive an email. This is fine if you only have one or two, beyond that it is easier to sign up to google reader or similar.

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