Importance of Self Harm Training for Professionals

People wanting to gain more information about self harm awareness have been growing in number each day. Because humans are naturally inquisitive, one main agenda of people joining self harm training groups is to know why people cut themselves. Self injury is generally an intricate matter and can be really a problem for people involved. Statistics and reports show that it is a growing worry that there is a 50% greater chance of committing suicide by people who need self harm help than those who do not.


Proper treatment at the right time is important for fast recovery and coping. It should not be mistaken to be merely seeking attention because self harm reasons range from many aspects and backgrounds as well as experiences. And disclosure by people who self harm can be varied as one can share it with a friend and not with a family member or vice versa. You may know someone who self harms, maybe even closer at home, and hence the resource materials for teachers have been created to give training for self harm help.


How Self Harm Training Can Help

The thirst for knowledge is natural given that there is a shortage of proper self harm help or training provision. Self injury is already a complicated issue alone, as there is the emotional pull on the young person self harming as well as those supporting them, for instance, teachers, parents and friends. Training is vital because it can encourage people to explore their self harm awareness and enhance that inner understanding of the issues faced by those with self harming behaviour. Training will further delve into the facts of why people cut themselves and the impact supporters can have on the health, well-being, and recovery of the person self harming. Through proper preparation, skills can be developed to battle self injury and influence faster recuperation. Perhaps the most significant part of professional training against self harm is gaining know-how, comprehension of the symptoms of such behaviours; confidence to be able to differentiate a real suicidal attempt from self harm; and be aware of instances where immediate action is needed.


Training courses have been established to help supporters to empathize with those individuals who deliberately injure themselves and for them to be in a better position to provide more relevant or appropriate self harm help.


In a world full of judgmental attitudes, it is always touching and encouraging to know that there are those – even though not related to us by blood – who really care and will always lend us a hand whenever and wherever we need them to.

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