Laura Hall – “My battle with Booze”

The 21 year old who has been given a UK national – England and Wales- ban from drinking!  With 27 convictions behind her for her drunken and disorderly behaviour, Laura says the ban is not working and what she really wants and needs is help to find the root cause of her drinking problem. How true!

Binge drinking is another form of self harm. Like other forms of self harm, Laura doesn’t need ridicule but real help to understand the emotions that is driving her to drink, and indeed the emotions that she is attempting to suppress by drinking.

Society covertly requires that we suppress our feelings rather than share them, hence some people revert to self harm as a way of dealing with these feelings.  Birmingham City Council has recently announced spending millions of pounds on a programme designed to teach children to be model citizens, by teaching them in school how to be model citizens by learning how to express their feelings. I would take this approach one step further to include teaching adults – teachers, parents etc – how to learn to accept others feelings! This would go a long way to aleviating some of the problems that children and young people  experience as a result of adults non-acceptance of their feelings.

Additionally, society tends to pigeon-hole self harm as just a ‘cutting’ activity, however, it is far more widespread than this.

Our Psychology of Self Harm & Behaviour Course  is focused at looking at what triggers the self harm in the first place, the root cause, and providing solutions and support for people who self harm to move on with their lives.

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