Self Harm National Conference

Self Harm National Conference 

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The whole day was useful but if I had to pick one thing it would be MHFA as it is a scheme that I think would be useful for youth organisations. It could help the young person through a difficult time in their life. Loved the laughter session too J The Conference Provided insight and knowledge as well as raised awareness of some of the things that young people faced with, and also what help is ‘out there’ for them.”

 Maya French, ARC Youth Counselling Service


“Made me realise that self harm is a complex topic and it’s not just about someone cutting themselves. Cutting is not the real problem!” 

Sonia Teesdale, John Ferneley College


Great listening to the speakers who were all excellent particularly as they were from a variety of backgrounds. I would have happily listened to Remy Aquarone for hours! Great opportunity to exchange with other professionals , broaden my knowledge and gain reassurance in my approach with young people.”

Birgit Cresswell, George Spencer Academy


“Really useful hearing different views and talking to GPs/Doctors, other teachers etc. Gave me some practical ideas to take back and more confidence to deal with issues.”

Charlotte Norwood, Hemel Hempstead School


Good variety of presentations and expanded my knowledge of this topic. The presentations were all good but some were short.”

Jacqueline Hewitt, ARC Counselling, Wokingham


“Really enjoyed the event. Gained info to take back to work. Greater awareness and understanding.” Allison Webb, The Chase School


“The most useful thing was getting an understanding of  the variety of self harming and how to initially deal with your first reaction in a positive environment. Given me the confidence that I am doing the right thing with the teenagers at school and how to move them forward.”

Richard Marrett, King Charles I School


“Listening to a range of professionals with very different expertise was very useful. Helped me to gain more understanding of some of the purposes self harming has for the self harmer. Gave me some practical strategies.”

Oky Konanec, Hitchin Boys Grammar School