Self Harm Training



Self Harm Training

The UK’s Leading Self Harm Training and Consultancy provider for Teachers

Self Harm Training For Teachers

Providing self harm help and self  harm awareness  training for Teachers to manage the self harming situations onsite

For Building Resilience & Raising Students Self Esteem Courses – CLICK HERE

Self Harm Training For Teachers – Awareness Courses

Who Is This Course For?

This Course is for Teachers and Staff working within the School setting, including:

–         Pastoral Managers and Colleagues

–         School Counsellors

–         School Nurses

–         Learning Mentors

–         Behavioural Managers

–         Deputy Headteachers

–         Assistant Headteachers

–         Well Being Support Staff

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Self Harm Training Course

Self Harm Training Course For Teachers



Easy Tiger Parents Training Courses

  • Easy Tiger Parents Programme   
  • Born To Win! Programme for Young People


Self Harm Training & Consultancy



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