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What is Self Harm Behaviour?

Friday, January 13th, 2012

What Is Self Harm Behaviour?


Self harm, self injury, or self mutilation is generally believed to be just the act of burning and cutting oneself. It has been becoming a greatly misunderstood addiction to which majority often believe the doer is simply attempting suicide because of the serious cuts inflicted on oneself. But there is more to self injury information that you need to know.

Self Harm Awareness

Self harming in teenagers include burning themselves with cigarettes or other hot tools, cutting with blades and knives, and other general acts of inflicting harm to the body such as hitting yourself against the wall repeatedly.


When they exhibit self harm behaviour, they could be absorbed in an obsessive-compulsive behaviour resulting in the infliction of physical damage in a mission to evade emotional feelings which they are unable to confront and cope up with. It is simply not just a case of seeking attention but more than that. Teenagers who self harm can end up needing severe medical treatment and hospitalization.


These results can leave not only physical body scars but also emotional ones. That being said, these are to which the sufferer can be proud of themselves but at the same time be ashamed of it; therefore hiding it from others. As self harm is generally a private act, this can be difficult for teachers to manage mental health in schools’


Who Self Harms?

As opposed to what many believe, self harm in teenagers is not the only scope in this subject. A lot of people suffer from this. It does not single out age, creed, gender, and race  although it was reported that younger women suffer the most from these behaviour. This disorder can also be accompanied by some other addictive tendencies like drug addiction and eating disorders; and is not only limited to teenagers alone.


Any who self harms may progressively become addicted to the act of self harming which can be treated by going through several self injury treatments. The act of injuring oneself is not the main issue, as it is just a symptom but the underlying emotional reasons and pain for the person self harming in the first place. If someone is attached to this, chances are they are highly secretive of this due to the fear of being confronted and even stopped of their actions.


For a lot of people who self harm, especially teenagers, they report that this is as similar to drug and alcohol addiction which they deemed as “ritualistic”. That is, someone who makes use of blades to cut oneself will follow a strict routine including having a safe place and date to conduct their so-called “ritual” in peace and without disturbance. All the items used, the method, as well as the routine will have a similar pattern always. Normal locations where they inflict pain are on the arms, legs, stomach, thighs, and even their faces.