Here’s What Others Had To Say About Our Services:

“Excellent trainer! Really understand how to help delegates make a difference to self harmers, family, staff, etc. Highly relevant course expertly delivered and thoroughly aimed at enabling schools to build capacity and make a difference. Excellent!”
Andrew Morris, Assistant Head, Campion School


‘The process between the enquiry and actually booking Step Up! International to deliver training was very quick and without issue. Jennifer was always very happy to speak to me about our training needs and to answer any queries related to the training. In the run up to the course Jennifer was in touch to finalise arrangements which was helpful and reassuring.

The individuals who attended the course found the course interesting and helpful, reaffirming their practise with regards to working with individuals who self-harm.  Everybody found the Toolkits topic of the course very useful.  I would definitely recommend this course for professional who would like to gain more of an awareness about Self Harm.’        Natasha Littlechild, Services and Management Co-ordinator,           Relate Derby and Southern Derbyshire


“The Psychology of Self Harm & Behaviour Course helped me to feel inspired again! It reinforced what my role is and how I can make a positive difference. It was great that you shared your experience with us, which added credence and authenticity to what you were saying. I feel more able to delve deeper and confident in dealing with self harm.” Julia Clarke, St Paul’s RC School


“It has given me a better knowledge of behind the scenes information” Amanda Cleave, Yarlswood IRC


“Very useful in both roles. I will be able to offer honest and factual support now and intervention and use of tools in the often taboo subject of self harm. This course is like a breath of fresh air in a role where limited training and intervention is offered.” Karen Payne, DCI West Midlands Police



“Since the completion of The Psychology of Self Harm & Behaviour Course, we have seen a huge improvement which has aided to the care of the young person. Several weeks later Prison Officers were still talking about the course, which included Case Managers supporting and sharing information with other Case Managers who were not able to attend. This was a successful outcome for us and we would have you back again.”   Sue Penny, Training Manager, HMYOI Werrington


“I found the information given very beneficial with an expansion of ways/ideas of working with people experiencing self harm. It highlighted the need for guidelines on self harm within Murray Hall.” Leanne O’Donohue, Head 2 Head Counselling Service for Young People

Knowledge and practical techniques suggested have been useful.  It has given me focused knowledge and understanding to my practice.” Carolyn Tranter, Head 2 Head Counselling Service for Young People

“Made me feel more confident that my approach is appropriate when working with children and young people.” Godfrey Tomlinson, Family Support Team, Birmingham City Council

“The course provided me with a comprehensive insight into the area of self-harm and how it can be effectively supported. It gave me the reassurance I needed that my counselling in this area was constructive and some additional understanding and techniques to use.”
Sue Beaumont, Counsellor, Magnus C of E School

“I found the entire event to be useful and will be able to take the information back to work and use it. This has been a wonderful course. I have learnt so much and refresh my methods of working with young people. I look forward to using these methods working with my clients that self harm.”
Doreen Jones, Youth Offending Team Service

“I attended your Psychology of Self Harm & Behaviour workshop in London earlier this year and really loved what we did that day and took away so much that has been useful. I’d just like to say that after a whole school year last year and the beginning of this year one of my students said to me this week, “I don’t do that any more – I don’t need it, I’ve realised it gives me nothing”, she wears her sleeves rolled up, her scars are healed and at the moment is really well balanced, despite going through her parents’ separation to separate houses and shared custody. Just thought I’d share….”
Sue Donnellan, School Counsellor at ARC Information and Counselling Service

“The Psychology and Behaviour Course was very good. The case study section was a bit too long. Course was particularly useful in identifying how we might change how we support students and inform staff. Some good strategies and useful information on Do’s and Dont’s.”
Pete Kenworthy, Deputy Head, Tibshelf Community School

“Course was absolutely fantastic! And really opened my eyes to how much self harm is stigmatized. It has also reminded me of the importance of staying child focused when supporting young people who self harm. The strategies were really useful.” Sabrina Pezzuto, Firvale Academy

“I now have a greater understanding of self harming, how to deal with it, what it is and what it is not! Following the event, I feel I am more equipped with tools and knowledge to help my learners and help solver their problems. We need to break down the barriers with the individuals who think self harming is shameful.” Raymond Peet, Head of Student Services, Chesterfield College